About Us

The name “AmericaWanna” and the Hotshot Pot logo (bottom of this page) are servicemarks of Hotshot Pot.

Contact: love@atfirstsites.com

Note that our website is under development. More to come soon.

We provide consulting, marketing, and web development to establishments in all sectors of legal US cannabis industries. We offer a family of brand names, each with their own unique web domain. You can choose to either share web space and branding with some of our other clients, or to purchase your own unique web space and branding. Our family of brands/domains include the following, but this is not an exhaustive list of our brands.

  • americawanna.com
  • mericawanna.com
  • weedsfreed.com
  • weedisfreed.com
  • weediapedia.com
  • hotshotpot.com
  • hotshotpot.net
  • pothotshot.com
  • potcalm.com
  • budburn.com
  • budburnin.com
  • burninbud.com
  • herbverb.com
  • poppapot.com